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How To Avoid Mistakes In Your Marketing Efforts

We all know the world of digital marketing is constantly changing and the lines are becoming more and more unclear between search, social, local and mobile marketing.With this in mind we are going to look at six things in this series that need to be avoided regardless of all the changes going on around us. 1. Not putting your phone number on your home page It appears from surveys conducted that as much as more than 60% of small businesses are missing out on a massive opportunity by not including their business phone number on on their website header, footer or home page. Another addition that needs to be added to this is that it is even more important that these not be included in an image, graphic or banner but be pure text. This is because in our new smartphone age, tablets and phones and even some browsers can detect phone number formats and turn these into click to dial buttons, however if this is put in a graphic this cannot be read by a smartphone and therefore adds another step…

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Build and improve your customer community with an email marketing campaign. Acquire email addresses of potential customers interested in your products or services and build a customer loyalty base by keeping your customers up to date with your business and latest offers. Receive your own, high quality opt in email addresses for customer acquisition.Generate qualified leads for product promotions, special offers, services etc.Gain additional contacts that have an interest in receiving further information about you and your products.Support your existing channel of distribution with the allocation of potential new client contacts through qualified leads.


Media Network Intellect offer creative and innovative advertising solutions, with a clear focus on producing a genuine return on investment for all our clients. Our solutions include the following areas: • Press: Magazine, Regional Press, National Press etc.
• Broadcast: TV, Cinema, Radio etc.
• Online, PPC, DAO/SEO, Banners, Skyscrapers, Buttons etc.
• Product Advertising: Stationery, Sandwich bags, Coffee Cups, cafe table tops, lampposts etc.
• Outdoor: Airport, Bus, Underground, Rail, Roadside, Billboards etc.

Brand Reputation Management

Brand Reputation Management
Negative posts or reviews regarding your business can dramatically affect your websites brand, reputation, traffic and sales. Protecting your brand is very important especially with the increasing number of social networks and forums on the web. Therefore keeping track of any news, posts or reviews on your business, good or bad is extremely important. Finding negative feedback on the web and having the ability to post a reply or give your side of the story will help change that negative feedback and help retain your brand and reputation within these channels.

Social Media Optimisation

Social Media Optimisation

Social Mediahas become a very important part of search marketing. Not only can it helpincrease the websites ranking within the search engine resultspage but it can also increase the companies brand and awareness.
Social Media involves activities geared towards influencing media, communities and audiences that exist solely on the Internet. These include FacebookBeboMyspace, Twitter and many more. Network Intellect offer a Social Media Service aimed at increasing the websites link popularity and ranking within the search engines, this includes:
• Social Brief Creation (we help you find out what it is you need) • Digital focus groups (real time connection with global niches). • Seeding strategies (Buzz creation). • Viral activity: video scripting and quality in-house production. • Widgets, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and other social network applications. • Branded channels on YouTube, Facebook fan pages etc • Social Media Press Releases

Search Engine Optimisation / Digital Asset Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation / Digital Asset Optimisation With the introduction of “Universal Search” the type of results shown within the Search Engines shows users more information from more sources including news, images, products, video and more. Search is no longer about ranking positions but more about the visibility of a web site. With this in mind a combination of Digital Asset and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is required to help obtain the best possible results. Having a good level of Digital Asset and Search Engine Optimisation for a website will impact on a business quite substantially. It is cost effective and improves your websites quality and branding. Network Intellect’s DAO solution is split into the following stages: • Website DAO/SEO Review and Analysis – Full review of your website, including structure, content, linking, videos, images, products, and more. • Recommendations Report – Detailed recommendation report based on initial analysis, including search friend…

Website Optimisation

Website Optimisation

Is your website converting as well as it could ? 
Are you getting pre qualified traffic to your site but conversions are not as high as you would expect ?
Maybe your website is not as user friendly as it could be and could do with some optimisation. Network Intellect offer a Website optimisation service that looks and analyses your websites performance from a user experience. Imagine if your website converted visitors at a higher rate than it currently does, this would result in more sales, a higher ROI, and more profit to your business.

Website Development

Web Development Are you looking for dynamic SEO friendly website that promotes your brand and your business effectively? Network Intellect Web design service offers professional website creation and design tailored to your requirements. Our team of website designers, SEO experts, and technology platform technicians will discuss your requirements, the look and feel of the website, functionality and objectives to design and create a website that meets all your expectations. Our website options range from static page design to full ecommerce websites and all websites include: Website design, Logo design, Domain name, Hosting etc.
From our first initial discussion through to the website going live, communication is paramount and ensures that the website we deliver is the website that suits your needs best.


Design Our Graphic Designers have experience in all aspects of design and will help you capture your target audience's imagination and react to changing developments and trends in your sector. With our brand and marketing know how, we can help you target new emerging markets and consolidate your existing customer base. Our Graphic Design services include: • Websites
• Advertising
• Packaging design
• Magazines
• Posters
• Corporate communications
• Corporate identity
• Exhibitions & displays


Web Analytics You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Nowhere is this more true than on the Web – where examining what works and what doesn’t directly influences the bottom line. Insight: Intelligence: PerformanceWeb analytics is the study of website user's behaviour and has become an integral part of the marketing mix. It involves the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data in order to understand and optimise web usage and marketing campaigns. This user behaviour is at the centre of all that we do at Network Intellect so that decisions made are backed up by real life actions. Analysing and understanding how users interact with your site is essential as we strive to boost conversions and ROI. We are technology neutral as a business, which enables us to choose from the range of analytics tools available to select the one that best suits our clients' needs. We are specialists in this area and are an accredited Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant and Google Qualifie…

Trusted Feed Service

How can you guarantee that every single one of your web pages are indexed into the natural search engines almost immediately? 

The Paid Inclusion Service enables companies to guarantee that each and every product or service on their site can be found in the natural listings of the search engines whist ensuring all the content is kept up to date and fresh. 

Not only does this service allow you to expand your online presence but it also allows you to customise the title and description that are displayed in the SERP (search engine results page) results and as such giving the searcher as much relevant information as possible prior to clicking through to the landing page. 

Paid Inclusion also allows you to track and monitor your results giving you more in depth analysis of what services or products work best for your business.

International Keywords Translation

International Keywords Translation

Do you need your current keyword campaigns to be translated into local dialect for various countries ? Do you need your website content to be translated and optimised in other countries ? 

With local offices and representaives in countries across the world, Network Intellect offer in depth local keyword translations and website copy content and local traffic estimations for all sectors. 

All our translations are done by real people who speak the language fluently and not by automated translation technology, ensuring the translation we offer is the local translation and searched for within the local search engines.

Landing Page Optimisation

Do you feel your Pay Per Click Campaigns are reaching a plateau in performance, are you looking to increase the conversion rates of the site? Or are you thinking of improving your website and are not sure how to create a better converting website?

If so Landing Page Optimisation is the solution. Landing Page Optimisation is a crucial part of a websites conversion success. Network Intellect will assess the current landing page conversion rates of the website and design a set of new, optimised landing pages based on our research and knowledge of the customer behaviour. Visitors are channeled through the conversion funnel process to different versions of your new landing pages to evaluate which one creates the highest conversion rate and the best performance.  Once our page is converting at a better rate than the original, we then AB test a new page until that conversion rate is better than the last.
Network Intellect Landing Page Optimisation will interact with your website without any l…

PPC Management

Pay Per Click Management Network Intellect’s Pay Per Click (PPC) Management service ensures that your campaigns are highly targeted, affordable, and accountable. PPC is one of the most cost-effective and common ways to generate pre-qualified traffic to your website quickly and effectively. Our main objective is to provide a return on investment from campaigns by reducing your average cost per click and increasing the click through and conversions rates. Here at Network Intellect all our PPC account managers are fully GAP (Google Advertising Professionals) qualifiedgiving them the experience and knowledge necessary to create and manage successful campaigns for our clients.

Our PPC campaign managers manage UK based and international campaigns for clients who range from small ecommerce to large corporations and in a variety of sectors.
Our Pay Per Click Management process includes:In depth Keyword Research and AnalysisCreating creative and attractive AdtextsMarket and Competitor Analysis…

Pay Per Click Consultancy

Pay Per Click Consultancy Do you currently run a PPC campaign in house? Do you still want to have full control of a campaign but feel it could perform better? Do you need a little advice or assistance in creating and building a successful campaign? Many businesses want to manage their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns in house but do not have the expertise or knowledge to build a successful and well structured campaign. Our Google Qualified Professionals will create your campaign within your own Google Adwords, Yahoo! Or MSN accounts and educate you on how to manage and optimise the campaign effectively. Alternatively one of our PPC specialists can evaluate your current PPC campaign and provide recommendations and training to enhance its performance and success.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine OptimisationNetwork Intellect offer a non intrusive SEO solution to clients, unlike many SEO companies we educate our clients on SEO giving you the tools to use the knowledge on future websites. This also allows our clients to have full control of their website and do not need to let an outside party into the back end of their website.

Our SEO consultation includes the following:Analysis of the website, including code and copy, accessibility, traffic rankings, site structure, internal linking structure and more.Recommendation reports based on the analysis carried out.Implementation reports showing step by step guides to how and where to implement the recommendations.Quality Assurance, ensuring all recommendations have been carried out and implemented correctly.Hands on assistance with an SEO team member who can be contacted if you have any queries or need assistance in implementing the recommendationsQuarterly reports showing the improvements the recommendations have had…


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Hovedparten af ​​web trafik kommer via søgemaskiner

Hovedparten af ​​web trafik kommer via søgemaskiner Content is king Vi ved alle, at hovedparten af ​​web trafik kommer via søgemaskiner. Vi ved også, at søgeord og links til dit websted, er to ting, der påvirker din placering i søgemaskinerne. Dine søgeord fortæller søgemaskiner, hvad du gør, og de indgående links fortæller dem hvor vigtig du er. Denne kombination er, hvad bestemmer din relevans. Og relevans er, hvad søgemaskiner er efter. Det er her du kan hjælpe dig selv med god seo.
Der er en masse information om, hvordan du indarbejder søgeordssætninger i dine HTML meta tags. Men det er kun halvdelen af ​​arbejdet. Du er nødt til at tænke på disse tags, som gadenavne. Det er, sådan søgemaskinerne ser dem. De ser på dine tags og derefter på din kopi. Hvis de søgeord, du bruger i dine tags ikke anvendes i din kopi, vil dit websted ikke indekseret for disse søgeord.
Men søgemaskinerne ikke stoppe der. De mener også, hvor ofte søgeordssætning bruges på siden.
For at sige det enkelt, …